Green Filter Cleaning Machine
Green Filter Cleaning Machine

Green Filter Cleaning Machine

Product Overview

Many industrial companies find filter maintenance extremely costly and tedious. Air Daddy has found a way to prolong filter life and bring filter maintenance to a whole new level.

The Green Filter Cleaning Machine effectively and safely cleans your air filters. The recycling of dirty cartridge filers translates into immediate ROI as filters can be reused 3-6 times, depending on the application.

Ideal for cleaning dust collector filters, diesel engine intake filters, or any cartridge with an inner diameter greater than 6.5" and an outer diameter less than 26".  The Green Filter Cleaning Machine will accept filter heights up to 40" high. The filter cleaning mechanism requires 80 cfm of compressed air at 80-100 psi to function properly.

Ideal Applications

  • Dust collector cartridges
  • Mining & construction machinery intake air filters
  • Gas turbine intake filters
  • Vacuum pump intake filters
  • Cylindrical cartridge filters/miscellaneous industries


  • Pays for itself with savings: reuse filters 3-6 times
  • Automated cleaning cycle
  • Environmentally friendly: longer-lasting filters means less waste and landfill.


Green Filter Cleaning Machine Product Guide

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