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Allergy Machine
Allergy Machine
Allergy Machine

Allergy Machine

Austin Air

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The Austin Air Allergy Machine (HM405) is designed for allergy and asthma sufferers who are looking for a comprehensive air cleaning solution for medium-sized spaces. It effectively removes many common allergens and asthma irritants (e.g., pollen, dust, mould spores, pet dander), as well as other harmful airborne pollutants, chemicals and gases. In addition to its standard HEPA filter, the Austin Air Allergy Machine uses an exclusive HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filtration system incorporating technology originally developed by the military for use against chemical warfare. The military carbon cloth in the HEGA filter has a larger carbon surface area, making this air purifier ideal for controlling tobacco smoke. It is also less susceptible to clogging from use in damp or humid environments, making the Austin Air Allergy Machine a perfect choice for handling mould issues in mid-size spaces. As an added bonus, the HEGA filtration system makes this air purifier extremely lightweight – a full 10 pounds lighter than the Austin Air HealthMate.

The Austin Air Allergy Machine features a Permafilt pre-filter that is designed to be easily vacuumed from the outside of the unit, making this air purifier simple to maintain and eliminating costly 3-month pre-filter changes. The Austin Air Allergy Machine uses a combined medical-grade HEPA and military activated carbon cloth filter that only needs to be replaced once every five years. Unlike granular carbon, the woven carbon cloth used in this air purifier does not release any carbon dust as air passes through it. The Austin Air Allergy Machine also features a perforated 23 gauge steel, 360 degree air intake housing with over 5 square feet of intake area for exceptional air gathering capability, three fan speed settings, and a louvered air flow output directed to one side from the upper deck.

The Austin Air Allergy Machine is perfect for humid or damp environments such as kitchens and basement areas (e.g., rec rooms, game rooms, dens and bedrooms), as well as plant rooms, greenhouses and nurseries. It is also an ideal choice for those who wish to operate an air purifier at a lower fan speed to minimize noise while maintaining high effectiveness. With a baked-on powder-coated finish and four colours to choose from, this unit blends easily into almost any décor.






Height: 23 in. Width: 14.5 in. x 14.5 in.


35 lbs


23 gauge steel housing

23 gauge perforated steel intake

Easy roll casters (standard)

Baked on powder coat finish (no off-gassing)


Permanent, split capacitor motor, rated for continuous high RPM, long life duty

Shock absorbing motor mounts

CSA & UL approved


Plastic centrifugal fan

Three speed control

400 CFM on high setting

200 CFM on medium setting

75 CFM on low setting

Power Rating:

120 volt

135 – watt, 1.3 amp power consumption on high setting

85 – watt, 0.71 amp power consumption on medium setting

56 – watt, 0.51 amp power consumption on low setting

Sound Level:

66Db at high speed

55Db at medium speed

Lower than 50Db at low speed

Filter Assembly:

Dimensions: 13.5 in. diameter, 14.5 in. height

Permafilt™ prefilter

60 square feet of true HEPA medical filter medium

Special layer of military carbon cloth

Metal end caps with foam sealing gaskets top and bottom

Total weight of 8 lbs


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