Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier
Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier
Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier
Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier

Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier


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The Airgle AG900 Clean Room Air Purifier is a medical-grade air purifier, specifically engineered for airborne infection control at hospitals, medical clinics, and other health care facilities. With our patented next generation Titanium Pro® module, cHEPA technology with an efficiency over 99.999% and 6 lbs of premium deep carbon blend, the AG900 can remove particles as small as 0.003 microns. It is remarkably quiet, easy to move around, and perfect for severe allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as others with critical respiratory problems.

Nanoparticles, such as viruses that can pass through ordinary filters and may remain airborne almost indefinitely, are captured by Airgle’s cHEPA filter media. The Titanium Pro® is a patented, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) module and ultraviolet UV light, which irradiates viruses (down to their DNA) and other pathogens, killing them by way of photocatalytic oxidation down to 0.01 microns. The UV stage also sterilizes the air with each air change. The AG900 is remarkably quiet so it can be deployed in quiet wards. It is also easy to move around on its integrated casters. It is perfect for patient treatment rooms and for waiting areas where airborne cross-infection is a concern.

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  • Cleanroom grade HEPA filtration (99.991% efficiency for particles greater than 0.3 microns)
  • Auto / Manual Operation modes
  • Remote Control included
  • Up to 1000 CFM
  • Covers up to 617 square-feet
  • Intelligent Filter Life Monitor so you'll know when to replace filters


  • Lightweight: only 56 lbs
  • Compact for easy maneuvering: Dimensions: 25" (H) x 19" (W) x 17.7" (D)
  • Plug and play: 110V
  • Ultra quiet (low noise level of 33 dB on its lowest setting)
  • ARB California State Ozone-Free Certified
  • ETL Certified
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Five Year Warranty
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