Wet Dust Collectors

Air Daddy's Torrent Wet Dust Collectors are an ideal solution for handling various combustible dusts generated during common manufacturing processes.

Combustible dust refers to metallic or non-metallic airborne dust and particles that can potentially cause an explosion or fire in your facility. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), processing any of these products or materials means there is potential for a “Combustible Dust” explosion:

  • Agricultural Products such as powdered milk, corn starch and whey
  • Agricultural Dust from cocoa beans, malt and wheat flour
  • Carbonaceous Dusts such as activated charcoal, cellulose and cork
  • Chemical Dusts like dextrose, lead stearate and sulfur
  • Metal Dusts like aluminum, magnesium and zinc
  • Plastic Dusts like polyethylene, epoxy resin, and phenolic resin

Any dust with a KST value (the deflagration index of a dust) reading higher than zero indicates that a risk for explosion is possible. The four (4) KST categories, their values, and their corresponding explosion ratings are as follows:

  • KST 0: 0 No explosion
  • KST 1: 0 and ≤ 200 Weak explosion
  • KST 2: 200 and ≤ 300 Strong explosion
  • KST 3: 300+ Very strong explosion

Air Daddy's Series of Torrent Wet Dust Collectors are compliant with NFPA 484 and NFPA 652 guidelines for the safe handling of combustible dusts.

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