Cannabis odors


 With the legalization of Cannabis in Canada around the corner on October 17th, as well as the current 31 States in the US who are already legalized. The problems and concerns over odor have always been an issue.

We here at Air daddy Inc. have put our units to work in police property rooms in order to eliminate the smell of odors of cannabis in particular and can size out a room to the point of odor elimination.

Certain apartment complexes and condo associations inside Canada have already pushed for rules so as to restrict anyone from smoking in the building. We want to make sure you present a different option rather than giving up your right to feel comfortable in your own dwelling.


We offer solutions for smoke and as well for the odor of marijuana, from ozone generators and induct models for homes, to units containing the proper amount of activated carbon the same carbon used in all large-scale growing operations to contain the smell.

 (***AirDaddy Inc, does not promote the sale or use of Cannabis but only a solution whereas to mitigate the odors resulting with smoking or possessing it.)

Call one of our agents to learn about any air quality concerns and to know what unit is right for you.




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